Human imagine them self free from fear when there is nothing left to be unknown

Mark Horkheimer

My father once told me when I was a little. “In my village, spear was used to catch a fish in the river, but today, it is used to kill the man in the hostility break among villages”. I wonder how spear which I know as a weapon is firstly used to catch a fish. What drive people to use this “technology” in a bad way?

I don’t know exactly whether the spear is used to catch a fish first and then is used as a weapon or vice a versa. But in fact, spear is a neutral stuff. You can make it bad or good. Spear is the same with science we have today.

History shows us that the progress of science occurs when there’re wars among us. We’re entering the Age of Atomic after the great Catastrophe of World War II. And Military technology develops significantly in the time of Cold War where so many inventions were made that affect our life. Computer we use and internet we consume was firstly used for military purposes.

In the early of human civilization, science gives us an assurance and a pattern in the world of uncertainty. Moreover, technology then comes as a tool for human to survive and to adapt with nature. But today, after industrial revolution, science and technology comes as a tool for conquering. We’re not adapting with nature but trying to conquer it.

Today’s science is a science to conquer: conquering unknowns, conquering aging, conquering environment, conquering nature, and finally conquering ourselves. Weapon of Mass Destruction is an example of the result of science that conquers us.

I come with an idea of converting science which conquers humanity into science that values human and nature. I called this humanized Science. My equation is Humanized Science= (Knowledge + Conscience + Ethics) Harmony.

The core of science is knowledge. Without knowledge there will be no science. But knowledge in itself has an interest. So, instead driven by interest, knowledge should be guided by the virtue coming from our deep heart. That’s why we need a conscience that co- the science. What is the important to landed man on moon if there’re still starvations leading to the conflicts we can’t resolve? Before we go further in creating technology, let’s stop and think, is this really for human?

Then, what is the important of science in progress if three million people live under two dollar/ day? What is the role of technology if it’s only create many stuff that finally forced human to consume too much while those less important. It’s all about ethic which is based on human values! The progress of science should be ethically related with the condition of human being.

Those variables inside bracket of the formula are factors that perceived by human being, we have not to forget that the non-human being factor is also important. As a leader, it is the task of human to represent them. The key for human to represent others is harmony. To maintain harmony, said Confucius, responsibility comes first. Science should responsibly aware to nature.

I do believe that the role of science is not only to fulfill human sense of conquering. The role of science should not be purposed to make our everyday life seems so easy. All of the pleasure and easiness we sought will gradually decease the nature and finally our civilization. Nature is no longer able to sustain our desire.

Lead by science, Homo sapiens has made a great revolutionary leap which we called agricultural revolution where after that we can develop civilization, religion, and philosophy. Science and technology were built in order to adapt with nature but not against or conquest nature. Science to conquer seems to develop civilization but in fact it endangers our civilization. It’s time for us, to do the same thing our ancestor did. Welcome to the third Revolution which we call as the revolution of Humanized Science.

A different, a better, and a more sustainable future are able to be obtained if we know how to use our technology and direct our science. We’re entering the era of the third revolutionary leap of human science since industrial revolution. The role of science that based on conscience, ethic and harmony with nature, will finally lead human to the invention of the new way of life that harmonizing human and nature. So, what kind of science we need for the better tomorrow? Well, you can use this formula to assess all form of science and technology you find. I just want to say, stop try to conquer everything, this time is for adapting and harmonizing. This is the role of science we need to construct.