The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.

Bertrand Russell

As an International Relations Student, International cooperation is one of the most familiar words I’ve heard in my Class. But yet, the words seem to be not absolutely positive. When we talk about International Cooperation, then there’re always two points of view that contradict each other. First, I see International Organization as an effort of the state to fulfill its national interest. As an entity stuck in the jungle of international system, like Kenneth Waltz said, nations are always standing alone. Nations always seek what is the best for their people. In the jungle of realism one is the enemy of the other. Nations wage a war each other due to fulfill their interest. Even in this point of view, the world look like a dangerous world, only cooperation seems to make this conflicting interest can be hushed. Cooperation can be seen as the way we reduce conflict. In the second point of view, cooperation has familiar meaning with interdependence. International society is a society that collaborate each other to gain something big for human progress. International relations are dictated by a set of norms. While some states may, at times, disagree on what actions should be considered normal, the majority of nations recognize the mutual benefits that can be attained through cooperation on generally accepted rules. Some examples of norms include peaceful settlement of disputes and respect of national borders. These expectations are adhered to by most state leaders and are somewhat institutionalized by international organization. That’s why we have an agreement on cooperation. Whatever your point of view is, cooperation is the best way in achieving common good. But, sometimes, cooperation can be dangerous if those who cooperate agreed in bad things. When I was observer in UNFCCC held in Bali, I saw how fragile cooperation based on short term interest of the party. Each states attempt to hold out their interest and override the common good of the people. Think about USA that always neglects to agree in Protocol Kyoto. Simply because of interest of view American people who will suffer a financial loss due to Kyoto protocol. I feel dirty. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely that’s why to achieve good cooperation, shall we need a virtue on. In the international relations, the best way to achieve cooperation is to make each states depend on each other. The more powerful states, the more unfair, the cooperation are made. We have to remember what Gandhi had ever said, “Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good”. Surely we don’t want to cooperate in a thing that wreck down the earth. History shows us that the progress of knowledge happen when there’re competitions among nations. Military technology develops significantly in the time of cold war, the war between Ottoman Empire with the rest of Europe created the invention of alternative route to Indian islands and therefore the invention of America. Well, in some extent, it is true that competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain degree but it has a cause a great catastrophe on human being. Now, it is time for cooperation where positive sum game creates wealth and profit in each player. There is a wonderful metaphor for world cooperation, described by John Williams. It’s called The Olympics. It is a kind of international competition that’s wholesome and healthy, interplay between countries that represents the best in all of us. That’s the way how we have to think about international cooperation. We must build international cooperation in terms of people cooperation not in government or corporate anymore. People can participate in all of the area of cooperation. When we talk about security sometimes it becomes harder for the people to involve. It is seemingly a state matters. When we talk about economy cooperation it is soundly a corporate matter. But today there aren’t any more. So many people get involve in protecting human security because human security is a basis of national security. So many people also get involved in fair trade, the way how people’s method against unfairness in free trade. Global Warming attack us, and it is not states who remind us how danger if we’re not changing our way of life, it is a people who concern and cooperate each other through global network who remind us how badly a global warming is. Technology can make us easier to cooperate with other. Production of knowledge’s, goods, and services become collaboration activity where more people engage and participate. This can change elitism in cooperation where we always refer cooperation just into states cooperation or multinational cooperation. It is time for people cooperation transnational so that.. Global network has made a great revolution on people cooperation. We must always support the way how international cooperation being conducted. In my conclusion, I would like to quote Eisenhower, though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration, and cooperation can finally lead men to the dawn of eternal peace. So, it is up to us whether we participate on cooperation or not. But, as human being, it is a nature for us to cooperate rather than to conflict with other. Peace can be sought by cooperation not war.